Ing. Alessandro Santamaria




tel: 010-3725091

cell: +393487809770

fax: 010-781014


High-School degree at Istituto Marcellino Champagnat (vote 56/60)

Graduation in Mechanical Engineer at Genoa University (vote 110/110)


from 09-1984 till 10-1988 Ing. Camillo OLIVETTI & C. S.p.A..

Varoius jobs at Ivrea and Milan offices:

- Process engineer for assembly line of M24 personal computer

- Product manager for Educational SW

- Personal Assistant to Corporate Marketing Director

- M&A analyst at Corporate Strategy and Development Direction


from 10-1988 till 09-1996 ROBOTECO Business Unit Director at SALTECO S.p.A., Milan

from 10-1996 till today C.E.O. at ROBOTECO S.p.A., Genova

from 04-2002 till 06-2015 C.E.O. at ROBOTECO Service S.r.l., Milano

from 07-2009 till 06-2014 C.E.O. at ROBOTECO Automotive S.r.l., Milano


Roboteco Group deals with design, manufacturing and service of arc and laser welding robot systems to mechanical industry and distributes PANASONIC

Welding Systems Company Co., Ltd robots and peripherals since 1991. Roboteco has installed more than 1.200 robots in Italy, Europe, North and South America.

The target industrial fields are: food equipment (stainless steel food machinery) and Automotive, Among the main references are: Electrolux Group, FCA, OPEL,

Maserati and Iveco.


from 01-1993 till today Board Member of S.I.R.I., Italian Association of Robotics and Industrial Automation

from 07-1999 till today Board Member of ANASTA, Italian Association of Welding and Cutting Companies

May 2015 Winner of Sho-Yo-Kai prize given by Panasonic Welding System Co., Ltd

Languages English (fluent), French (basic)